Omar Meer MD is an internist in private practice in Rhode Island. He attended medical school at the Aga Khan University in Karachi, Pakistan in 1994. After two years of research, he was selected to complete his graduate training and medical residency at Brown University. Over the last three years Omar has immersed himself in the cannabinoid phenomenon that has been sweeping the healthcare landscape in order to add another dimension to his treatment options. Omar became a fervent advocate for the use of THC and CBD in the management of somatic pain and anxiety, as well as many other ailments associated with cancer, after first hand experience with the treatment of his own mother who passed away in 2018. 

When he is not seeing patients in his office, Omar spends his time with his wife, traveling, and spending time with family and friends. He can be reached at dromar@schoppee.com


Dave Rioux moved to Machias in 1988 with his wife Catherine and their two children to pursue his dream of becoming a country doctor. After growing up in Massachusetts he attended the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine graduating in the second class. After internship in Portland Maine he entered the United States Navy and became certified in undersea medicine, serving his country by caring for submariners, navy divers, and seals. His family made a collective decision to leave city life and find a home in rural Maine where they could enjoy the solitude of the woods and yet still be close to the ocean. Machias was the perfect fit. 

When not at work Dave  enjoys spending time with family and friends and expanding his culinary talents in the kitchen. He can be reached at drdave@schoppee.com


A member of the eighth generation on the Schoppee Farm, Peter is an engineer and operator at heart. He triple majored in automotive, diesel, and industrial technology at Universal Technical Institute, and then majored in Marine Engineering at Texas A&M, where he graduated with the highest GPA in the history of the program. Peter was persuaded to put his career as a merchant marine on hold by his brother Ben so he could help restart the family farm. He has since fallen in love with farming and works tirelessly in all aspects of the business.

When Peter is not farming you can find him on his motorcycle or with his pup Hunter. He can be reached at peter@schoppee.com


Allison is a beauty and wellness enthusiast and manages all things creative on the Schoppee Farm. Her interests in beauty sprouted in her late teens when she worked in New York as a model and have since evolved to include a focus on sustainable and organic solutions. She returned home to attend the University of Maine in Machias where she earned a Bachelors in Education and met her husband and partner, Ben Edwards.

Spending her early twenties traveling the world she now resides full time in Machias where she helps operate the farm with her husband, their Cane Corso, Barbosa, and close family. She can be reached at allie@schoppee.com


Matt is a Maine local, born and raised in East Machias. Matt began work with Schoppee Farm as a summer job but soon discovered the indisputable satisfaction that came with watching the literal growth of his labors. A fixture on the farm with contagious positivity, he has assimilated the family’s belief that only consistent hard work will bring success. Matt plans to continue his work on the farm indefinitely and to learn the ins and outs of the operation.

Matt enjoys spending his downtime with his Doberman, Dobe, and working on his Ford Mustang. He can be reached at matt@schoppee.com


A member of the eighth generation on the Schoppee Farm, Ben has a diverse background ranging from biochemistry to engineering to business consulting. After spending well over a decade away from Downeast Maine, the pull was too great, and he returned home to Machias to reopen the Schoppee Farm. He is currently obsessed with building a trusted, sustainable, and vertically integrated hemp farm that delivers only the purest products in a responsible manner. When he isn’t glued to his computer, he is usually roaming the field with his dog Barbosa, or sitting in his study contemplating his next move while blasting Metallica.

Ben resides on the farm with his wife Allison. He can be reached at ben@schoppee.com

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